Interest on sex drive

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am in a weird situation and in need of help/advice.In short, I am 35 years old, got married in 2005 and i have 2 kids (3 and 8 years old).From some time, I see our sexual relation is not going well. My wife lost her interest in sex and she just participates for my sake. During the initial years of our marriage, I did not see it this way, even though she is not very much fascinated towards sex. But since recent times, it has become tough and I was just managing and adjusting with what I have. I feel like having sex atheist once in 2 days.I goggled on ways to increase woman’s libido, but did not help much. I was also not certain after reading side effects of some medicines.I would like to see if I can do something from my end to reduce my interest on sex.Either ways, I do not want my martial relation to be ruined due to this reason.I am going through a lot of struggle internally to balance the situation and so I am reaching you to provide me your kind advice.