Interested in getting back on medication for ADHD.

Patient: I was diagnosed with ADHD in the second grade. I was on meds for years and they worked well. I started on Ritalin and eventually switched to Adderall. My grades were awesome all the way through college (We’re talking 3.75 GPA here!). After college I decided to see how I would do without anything. I was ok for a while but now I’m finding myself all over the place again. I can’t stay on any one task at any time and I’m a stay at home mom and I feel like my kids are suffering because I can’t sit still long enough with them to do anything. I have an apt with my GP today and I want to ask him if he’d be willing to put me back on something. My concern is that he really doesn’t know me well. I know what works for me but of course he doesn’t know me well enough to know if I’m right. Do you think he will hear me out and help me?