Intermenstrual bleeding on the pill what does this means???

Patient: I have been in the pill for a year now. I have intermenstrual bleeding. It is not heavy and painful it’s only a small discharge. I then have a panty liner but theres no discharge after that. The following day i had sex with my partner and we used condom as we are not sure if the pill is really working, then when we finished i noticed that there is blood outside the condom obviously from me. I have chlamydia tests before and it is negative. that was january of this year and since then I only have sex with one guy. I also read about endometrium. do you think does it just caused the bleeding???? i am so worried now.

Doctor: I understand your worry about this matter, Contraceptives such as the one you are taking can cause inter menstrual bleed ing and spotting, and according to your description this could be the case.Other causes such as cancer or endometriosis are unlikely in your case due to your lack of symptoms such as pain, however I would suggest you to consult your gynecologist to confirm and rule out the exact diagnosis. I wish you the best.