Internal bleeding? Or an allergy?

Patient: Hi, I am volunteeri in Uganda, and a week and two day S ago i had my blood taken to check for malaria, when I had it taken i immediately had a badly swollen arm and a lot of pain. A day or two passed an almost my whole arm was bruised and the bruises kept changing. The pain then kept increasing to my breast then to my ribs, and Tthen to my hip and a bruise appeared on my upper leg on the back. I keep having chest pains and slight trouble breathing at times, and pins and needles in my hand, and a a sensation in my arm , sometimes like a pumping pulse feeling or a Tight painful feeling, Also I have came onto my period two weeks early.I visitEd a doctors who didnt even check my pulse and didn’t seem to know what it was and said its an allergy, But I leave in twelvEe days and want to Make sure this is right or do I need to go and get a second opinion? Many thanks.