Internal Intermittent Pain in Pelvis and Lower Abdomen

Patient: I am having a mostly dull but sometimes sharp pain in my right lower abdomen/pelvic area. It is internal, intermittent and sometimes throbs, sometimes burns, sometimes is a shooting pain. It started a few days ago in my lower right abdomen and now I feel that it is moving lower towards my genitals and pelvic area. There is always a pressure there, especially when I eat. Any idea what it could be and if so, what type of doctor should I see?




Symptoms: Internal intermittent pain in pelvis and lower abdomen on the right side. Pressure is constantly there. Throbbing is mostly in lower abdomen and pelvis and sometimes shooting pain in pelvis just above the right side of genitals.

Doctor: Ranging from infections to stone through tumors, abdominal pain has myriad causes, and indeed, as doctors prefer saying, the abdomen is a “pandora’s box”. Proper diagnosis may be demanding and is only possible after a careful history taking, physicals and appropriate investigations that include imaging of the internal organs. If you are in doubt about where to start from, please visit your family physician who will make a primary diagnosis and refer you to an appropriate physician, if required.

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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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