Interpretation of Blood Results

Patient: I just got a blood test back and some items are of concern. I am living in an Asian country at the moment and the Doctors are having trouble explaining things to me.The results that were of concern are as follows -RBC – 3.94NE% – 44.90LY% – 43.40MO% – 9.50HCT – 38.10MCV – 96.90PDW – 16.50Hemoglobin 12.7Would you be able to provide a rough idea if there are any problems or if the results are OK…The rest of my results were in the normal range….

Symptoms: Fatigue

Doctor: You are definitely suffering from anemia, as your RBC anb hemoglobin levels are less. But you are having mild anemia. Yo u must be further ivestigated with peripheral smear and iron levels and bone marrow aaspiration/biopsy if required, to find the cause of anemia. If you have symptoms like breathlessness, easily fatiguability, weakness, etc you require treatment with iron suppliments. Consult your physician for further advice and followup.

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Guest: my father in law aged 98 is having Hb 4.2 with leukocytes as high a 75400 and ESR 119. Kindly help