Interval between start of ejaculation and analysis (before liquefaction) : 10

Patient: Interval between start of ejaculation and analysis (before liquefaction) : 10Appearance: Creamy WhiteLiquefaction Time(min): 30 minConsistency ThinVolume 1.5 pH: 8.0SPERM MOTILITY (%) (100 Spermatozoa)a) Rapid Progression: 20%c) Non-Progressive Motility: 10%b) Slow Progression: 25%d) Immotile: 45%Agglutination: -Vitality: -Count / ml: 54 MillionMORPHOLOGY (%)Normal: 50%Abnormal: 50%Head Defects: 20%Tail Defects: 20%Neck & Mid Piece Defects: 5%Cytoplasmic Droplets: 3%Headless ‘Pinhead’ : 2%Pus Cells : 2-4Red Blood Cells : 2-4Epithelial Cells: NilMiscellaneous : Nil

Symptoms: Semen Analysis

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion.The report indicates astheno-terato zoospermia which indicates abno rmal sperms with dysmotility and decreased progression of sperms. This can be a reason for infertility in case you are trying as a couple for conception.You may opt for treatment with L-Carnitine and lycopene tabs for next 3 months available on presxription and this is seen to increase the sperm count over time.A repeat sperm analysis is required after 3 months of treatment.But if no improvement then the best option would be IVF or in vitro fertilization.You may discuss the options with your physician and take an informed decision.Wishing you good health,Regards