Iron deficiency anaemia

Patient: What is considered ‘severe’ iron deficiency anaemia? I have been battling anaemia for years and recently recieved a hemoglobin level of 5. Should this warrant a transfusion? Very tired of feeling tired.

Doctor: Transfusions in cases of severe anemia are not decided based solely on numbers. Patients are evaluated to assess the sev erity of the anemia, including serious symptoms such as increased heart rate, shortness of breath, dizziness, weakness etc., and the advisability of a transfusion isYour doctors would need to identify first the reason of your anemia, since you mention iron deficiency, instead of taking iron oral pills like Euro-fer you will probably need to take IV iron therapy if your levels of iron are much decreased.Now according to your medications, I noticed that you were also taking Levothyroxine. Another type of anemia that is very similar to Iron deficiency anemia is called Anemia of Chronic Disease. Since you have a thyroid disease, this could also be a cause of your anemia. You would need to work with your physician to evaluate the possibility of using a stimulant of your bone marrow. I wish you the best.