Iron Deficiency, Anemia and Exercise

Patient: I am an 18 year old female, 5’6, 123lbs. I have an iron deficiency, though I’m unsure if I am actually anemic or just on my way to being. I have been given directions to take 300mg of Ferrous Gluconate once a day with orange juice and increase my iron intake through eating red meats and green vegetables.My problem lies in the fact that I used to exercise quite often. And I was told by someone else with anemia that it’s dangerous to work out because it increases your risk of heart attack or stroke and it could be deadly if you’re iron deficient. I was unsure whether to take it to heart or not (no pun intended) and my family doctor is often unrelaible or unavailable to ask, even after making an appointment.So I guess my question is – is it safe to workout and exercise if you are iron deficient? I am fatigued quite often, but I found when I exercised frequently in the past, my energy levels increased at least slightly and I generally felt better. Could someone please inform me on this?