Iron for Mild Anemia?

Patient: Hi, I’m a 34 y/o male. Whenever I get a blood test with new doctors, they tell me I’m “slightly anemic” . There is a thalassemia trait on my mother’s side that I’m aware of, but I’m told it won’t affect me. As far as being slightly anemic, would it be a good idea to increase the iron in my diet? I’ve started eating Cream of Rice and take a multivitamin as well; will that be sufficient? My energy is a bit low fairly regularly. I currently take Synthroid to treat Hashimoto’s.

Symptoms: Fatigue mornings and afternoon, insomnia in the evening.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A thalassemia trait in your mother’s family would not be likely to affect you.Hence, you need not worry about that. Regarding the anemia, you may wish to check your hemoglobin levels first. If it is anything less than 12 g% then you will need to concentrate on bringing it to 12 g% and above. Nutritional supplements rich in iron include green leafy vegetables, jaggery, dates, liver, nuts, etc which have a high amount of iron. Apart from these you may take iron supplements like ferrous fumarate 200 mg per day. Also, reduce on tea, coffee and caffeine related beverages as they reduce iron absorption.Increase the use of ascorbic acid and vitamin C containing fruits like lime, citrus fruits, etc which increase iron absorption. The weakness and insomnia could most likely be due to the thyroid disorder. Recheck your hemoglobin levels and thyroid levels every 3 months.Hope this helped.Regards,