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Irregular erection query

Patient: Hi thereI have a question of a personal nature. I can’t help but wonder if my erection is somewhat irregular and as such potentially affects my performance with my partner. Specifically it has a bend to the left but also it tends to erect straight up (as in close to my stomach not pointing outward) also with a slight upward curve. Among other things including masturbation, I believe this is a result of a lifetime of being a stomach sleeper getting night erections and having it bend flat up against my pelvis because that is how it feels. Because of this curve the angle seems very upward and as such limits positions etc.Most things I read about say not to worry too much about bends but I don’t care I want mine to change. Are there ways to combat this and return erection to a more regular shape?




Symptoms: Unusual erection,

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The angle of erection is generally perpendicular to the horizontal and any lateral bendi ng or curvature is considered normal. It generally does not cause any problems with performance or copulation.In case of doubts, you will need a complete genital examination by an andrologist or a surgeon. The penis needs to be checked in both non-erection and erect state. Any abnormality in erection or significant bending can be detected. Venous flow through the penis and vascularity needs to be checked tooIn case of any significant issues corrective surgeries can be done. However in most of the cases, it is hardly needed.In your case, on reading the history, there is not much need of any intervention.Hope this helps.Regards


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