Irregular period, need advice on pregnancy test

Patient: How many DAYS after intercourse will a pregnancy test be accurate? My periods are never regular so I cant just go by when I miss it. But lately I feel exhausted, and have started feeling Nauseous around certain smells. I want to take a test but I want to wait until I know it has the best chance of being correct. Thank you

Doctor: Irregular periods make it difficult for accurately predicting the best time to do a home pregnancy test. Usually most te sts can tell whether you are pregnant or not on the first day of a missed period, however if the test is done early, it may not show accurate results. One way to make sure that results are more accurate is to do the test 2 weeks after sexual intercourse or allow for your longest cycle in recent months before testing.

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Guest: I don’t agree because I’m irregular too and I feel the same symptoms but lately sleepy a lot