Irregular period or pregnancy

Patient: These past 2 months I had light periods not heavy flows and would only see blood when I wiped but I have cramps and headaches that come go but before these 2 months I had sex . could I be irregular periods or pregnancy ?

Symptoms: Cramps , headaches , spotting , constipation

Doctor: Hello,IF you have had sex 2 months back and have been having only light bleed since 2 months, then it is always bette r to check for pregnancy by getting a urine pregnancy test done. If the test is negative , then the scanty menses can be attributed to stress induced hormonal imbalances which can delay periods and also promote premenstrual syndromic symptoms which manifest as cramps, headache, constipation , mood swings , sore breasts.It is advisable that you may visit your physician for a hormonal profile to look for hormone deficiencies.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards