Irregular period starting at age 13

Patient: I’m 15 and my period is really irregular…I started when I was 13 and right from the start I’ve had a strange cycle. My period started that I would get it in the beginning of the month and it would last the entire month, then I would get my period every other month. Now, I get my period randomly in the month, it lasts a week or two, with heavy bleeding the first two days and then it lessens. But, even though I have it for a normal amount of time I still get it every other month.. what do you think this could be?

Symptoms: cramps, heavy bleeding, nausea, dizzy, tired/ fatigue, a lot of bloating, cravings, sometimes unable to eat food without almost throwing up.

Doctor: Irregular heavy bleeding occurring at menarche i,e. the start of periods in a woman is known as puberty menorrhagia. Thi s is not a very uncommon problem and is generally the result of anovulatory cycles. Other causes of puberty menorrhagia are bleeding disorders, coagulation defects, hormonal imbalances or even stress.Apart from causing social distress, severe heavy bleeding may lead to an amount of blood loss beyond the capacity of the body to replenish. This may result in anemia or decreased oxygen carrying capacity of blood giving rise to feelings of giddiness, fatigue, fainting etc.You need to consult your local doctor or clinic or hospital for a complete evaluation. You may be prescribed estrogen-progesterone or only progesterone containing pills for regulating your monthly cycles. Depending on the severity of anemia, you may need iron supplements or rarely in severe cases even blood transfusions may be advised.I would suggest that you do not delay seeking medical help any further.