Irregular periods and Gluten sensitivity

Patient: I am 30 years old and weigh 145lbs. I have suffered two miscarriages and have had irregular cycles since. I was taking melatonin on a regular basis but quit thinking that my cycle will return to normal since melatonin is a hormone, I’m still ovulating late and cycles are still irregular. I do occassionally suffer from a skin rash in a certain spot on one of my legs, will bloat out to the point that it’s painful to sit and the scale goes up and down like crazy within a 5lb range. I also seem to suffer from mood swings and mild depression that has nothing to do with the miscarriages. My question is would this have anything to do with having a gluten intolerance and would avoiding gluten help get me back on track? I have no intentions of getting pregnant again, just want to get back to a healthy state.

Doctor: Your symptoms of abdominal bloating and weight gain may be explained by gluten sensitivity, but may not explain your irr egular cycles.Gluten triggers an immune response that causes antibodies in the body to attack the body’s own tissues especially the villi in the intestines. This leads to abdominal cramping, bloating, diarrhea. The diagnosis can be made by an intestinal biopsy.You may need to consult your doctor on the chances of gluten sensitivity causing your symptoms and also rule out other problems such as hypothyroidism and PCOS.