Irregular periods and pregnancy

Patient: I have an irregular period. It’s has been that way since I first got my menstruation at 12. So when I missed my period for the month of July I wasn’t too alarmed because I miss periods regularly. However, I spotted very very lightly for the entire month; which is unusual. Now in this month (August) I experienced 4 consecutive days off spotting..I would spot for about 3-4 hours each day, but it would always stop before the end of the day. I’ve taken two pregnancy test (both negative) and I have severe low back pain and nausea..but that’s about sore boobs, no morning sickness, no strange cravings..nothing! Could it be pregnancy or something worse?

Symptoms: Low back pain and light nausea


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Guest: im pregnant right now and I found out I was pregnant at 5 months going to 6 . I never thru up, nothing that has to deal with sick or being sore . I had back pains and was tired. but I was also exercising a lot and running everyday 3.5 miles. then found out I was pregnant. so I mean in your situation it can be a possibility.