Irregular periods, should I consult my doctor?

Patient: Hello – I am 33 years old and have been taking the birth control, Seasonique for a few years now with no issues. Over the last nine months, I skipped my last two period however. So I basically haven’t had a period in nine months. I finally allowed my period to come but it has been most brown discharge mixed with very little blood for the last 6 days, then over the last 3 days it is now blood but going from very light to very heavy over the course of the day. I started my next pack this past Friday as I would normally do. My question is, is this normal because I skipped my period for so long or should I see my GYN? I have no family history of cancer or anything serious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Doctor: There are many causes of irregular and excessive bleeding during periods. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid problems, anovulatory bleeding are some of the causes. I would advice you to get a complete blood count done along with your thyroid hormones as well as LH /FSH levels and an ultrasound of your pelvis to see the status of the ovaries.

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Guest: Hello my daughter is 17 and she is been having massive pain in her abdominal during period , it’s so bad she takes first day off ,,, Dr put her in birth control for a month , she finished her medication on 4 and her period on 6 ,,,, now today is 12 and she started her period again ,, is there anything to worry do I need to take her to e emergency ???