Irregular vaginal bleeding

Patient: For a few days now i have been experiencing vaginal bleeding after a bowel movement. Had a pap in october that came back normal. No pain anywhere and i am positive its vaginal bleeding.

Symptoms: Vaginal bleeding

Doctor: Hello,If the bleeding experienced while urinating or during bowel movement , though it is unrelated but if it occurs in the middle of the cycle , then it can be attributed to breakthrough bleeding which can occur due to initial progesterone deficiency after ovulation in form of light brown dark blood or spotting for few days.This may further be contributed by stress induced hormonal imbalances during the cycle. If the cervical erosions or ectopy is ruled out by pap smear , then breakthrough bleed is the most likely cause. You may visit your physician for a hormonal profile to rule out any progesterone level changes.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards