Irregular Vaginal Bleeding

Patient: My husband and I were about to have sex, but I noticed I was bleeding. It wasn’t a small amount of blood, it was a pretty large amount…similar to the flow of a period. I assumed my period came early, because my period is supposed to come in 5 days. I immediately put on a pad, but no more blood came. It’s been about 12 hours, and no more blood has came at all. I still have moderately painful cramps and I am bloated.About a week or 2 ago we had unprotected sex for a short time. He didn’t ejaculate inside me, however, but pre ejaculation is obviously a possibility.I do not take any medications at all. They includes birth control medications, our birth control method is condoms.What could the cause of this random bleeding be? Is it early signs of pregnancy? Because it did not continue bleeding, which means it wasn’t my period. And My period is regular.Thank you

Symptoms: Cramps, bloating, mood swings, frequent urination

Doctor: Hello,As your menses have been due in next 5 days then it is likely that you may have experienced an early onset of m enses in form of bleed which has stopped only to resume the next day. This is common as it is seen that the bleed generally is scanty and less on day 1 and then increases in flow by next 2-3 days. So keeping the symptoms of cramps, bloating, mood swings and frequent urination in consideration which are common for both PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME and early pregnancy symptoms, it is better to perform a serum beta hcg test to look for raised levels of hcg. If the levels are raised , then you are pregnant.But if the levels are less than 1 then you are not, and the symptoms are due to PMS which can start 3 days prior to onset of menses and may last for few days after that.Please get the hcg test done and take an informed decision.I hope i have answered your concerns,regards