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Irritated Penis & DischargeSTD?

Patient: Dear Doctor, I would like to thank you in advance for the response. I am concerned about having acquired any stds. I would first like to give a brief description of myself, describe my encounter and then proceed to describe symptoms. Me: 25 year old male with a healthy lifestyle and no prior medical history of severe health problems or stds. Encounter: About 9 months ago I had a sexual encounter with a stripper with an unknown sexual background. I had shaved my genital area 1-2 hours before the encounter and had a slight cut towards the base of my penis which i cleaned with alcohol and was not bleeding when I engaged in intercourse. We had unprotected genital rubbing for 30 seconds and then protected vaginal intercourse which lasted a couple minutes. Symptoms: A few days after the encounter I felt there was some tingling in my genital area and frequent urination. There were no signs of lesions, rashes, redness, etc. It did not burn when I urinated (nor was the color of urine abnormal) nor did I feel any pain in the area. I thought I had discharge 2 weeks after the encounter but it may have not been discharge as it occurred after urination and it happened once only. But me being as anxious and scared as I was I went and got shot of chlamdyia and gono with some antibiotics to take care of that. At the 3 week mark I did some std testing and all came back negative (VDRL, Anti-HCV, Herpes Type 2 IgG, etc). Fast forward (9 months post encounter) I had a strange feeling on the tip of my penis head one day (left side) and for five days I have felt my penis head to be slightly irritated (whenever it touched or rubbed against my boxers or pants it felt irritated. I also experienced frequent urination. There was some tingling and hotness in my genital area for a few days but I dismissed it as anxiety as it happened before. I started wearing light loose underwear and pants. The strange feeling on the tip of penis went away for 2 days. A day later I felt a pinch on my penis head and got scared. Nothing else happened that day but also felt like a needle like stab for a few seconds between a testicle and inner thigh when i went to bed that night (happened the following night too). The following day I went out with jeans and had some discomfort in the area. 10-11 days in i felt whenever I play (move, adjust, or fidget with my penis) I feel some discomfort/irritation inside my penis and this pinch 2 more times in 2 days. Again I don’t see any lesions, rashes, redness in my genital area. My frequent urination has decreased slightly. My penis head does not hurt when I squeeze the head. It does not hurt or burn when I urinate. Im just not sure what the problem is. Ive had some abdominal discomfort these past two days and ive discharged twice. The discharges happened whilst sleeping and they looked like clear jelly type discharges with some yellow (saw them both times on my boxers). The genital area looks quite normal except maybe these past two days whenever i pee after waking up the pee hole lips? look pumped but then it goes away. Its been two weeks now. Could this be an STD? Genital Herpes? I apologize if my description of the situation is long. Thank you.



Symptoms: Irritated penis, irritated penis head, clear jelly like discharge (some yellow? not sure), lower abdominal discomfort, frequent urination



Doctor: Hello,Welcome to ATD. Thank you for the query.You are definitely suffering from some STD, but the diagnosis is n ot clear.kindly mention your age, weight, diabetes status, and if possible upload a picture of the affected area and consult further for detailed assessment and management.We are here to help you.

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Patient: I dont think you have read my description. My age is stated and my genital area I believe looks ok. I have uploaded pictures in any case of my genital area. Also I have tested at the 3-4 week point for all STDS including HIV (blood tests)…..came back negative. And by not intending to I got a negative swab test for HIV at 3 month point.

Doctor: Sorry for asking your age,its my habit.
If your age is 25,diabetes is also less likely but I would suggest you to get tested as you have mentioned increased frequency of micturition.Also I couldn’t find photos,so please provide me with.


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