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Irritated urethra sensitive testicles

Patient: I had unprotected sex 2 1/2 days ago. After 12 hrs my urethra became irritated. I started taking apo clarithromycin Xl 500 mg twice a day without a prescription because I am travelling and it’s what I had with me. I read it might work for a uti. I have just taken my 4 the dose. Things feel about the same but just in the last 8 hrs my testicles became sensitive. I also have three little red dots that appeared at 1 1/2 days after sexual contact but they could be from surfing and haven’t changed in the last day. My urine looks normal and does not smell. No discharge. What should be my next step?



Symptoms: Irritated urethra, sensitive testicles



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your medical query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Since you developed a sensitiv e urethra after the exposure, you probably acquired either chlamydia/ gonorrhoea from your partner.Clarithromycin does work, but it is not the first choice antibiotic and I understand why you are on Clarithromycin. However, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible, mostly to get a prescription of the Z-Pack ( Azithromycin / Zithromax ), which is curative for the infection. If the infection is not controlled, it progresses to epididymitis which causes the testicular pain or discomfort. Hence, you need to start the treatment as soon as possible to prevent further spread. The recommended dosage for the adult is 1000 mg one single dose, followed by 500 mg twice daily for 5 days. Some physicians prefer to prescribe fluoroquinolones such as Ofloxacin which is equally effective.I hope you can pick you the medicines fast.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: I am in Costa Rica I will be in a major town with a doctor in about 16 hours, will this be fast enough? Can I get it without a prescription at the pharmacy?

Doctor: Hello,
I am sorry I am not aware if the medicine is available in Costa Rica without prescription. But please do try once.
16 hours won’t make a major difference, but the sooner the better.


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