Irritation of throat after eating chocolate

Patient: I have an irritation of the throat after I eat chocolate and have a bad coughing fit in which I find it hard to take a breath. Am I allergic to chocolate?

Symptoms: Coughing

Doctor: True allergies to chocolate or cocoa are very rare. However, other ingredients like additives or chemicals found in proc essed chocolates such as nuts, milk, gluten from wheat, soybeans, corn, syrup, caffeine, Theo-bromine, and Phenyl-ethylamine, cause most allergic reactions to chocolate. Additives and flavorings like mint, dyes may also cause allergic reactions. You should visit an Allergy Specialist for specific allergy tests, to confirm allergy to chocolates or one of its additives. Preventive measures can then be followed, as applicable.

Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: Thanks for that. No I don’t have other symptoms, but occasionally if I drink water and it goes down the wrong way I have the same problem where I’m coughing so hard I can’t get a breath. So maybe the problem is with my throat.