Is 2 months after possible HIV contraction enough time to

Patient: Is 2 months after possible HIV contraction enough time to get tested?On January 16th I preformed gay oral sex and then again a couple days later. On March 19th, I got a blood test for HIV and it turned out negative. However, I still feel very worried that I went too early for the test to be accurate.Here are the details: I did not experience any symptoms before the blood test, nor have I since i took it beside muscle aches, but I think that it is due to my sleeping in a very bad position for my body.I did not swallow the semen, nor did I let him ejacualte into my mouth and spent the 5-10 min. After spitting, thouroughly rinsing my mouth and brushing my teeth.I know I can just take another blood test, but my mom will not allow me, and I’ve asked 4 doctors and they all said that 2 months is a good enough time, plus the website at quest diagnostics also said so. The worry is literally killing me, I cant stop thinking about it. So I am begging for a straight and informed answer: Is 2 months enough time?Please dont get the wrong idea, I have since deeply regretted my actions and have turned to God for a reassuring answer.

Doctor: Thanks for your question.Oral sex is least risky compared to anal or vaginal sex. then receptive oral sex is riski er than penetrative one. As far as getting HIV test to be done , 2 months is not a good time as it does not cover the maximum window period of 3 months for HIV as it will catch 99.9% of positive cases.Hope this helps