Is 53-55 resting BPM low?

Patient: Hi,In short, I wanted to know if 53-55 BPM (resting rate – sitting at desk at work), is normal.I am 5’4” male, 30 years with weight ~95 kgs. I have been trying to lose weight which comes down to 92 kgs in a month and bounces back. I try to be active as much as possible however, weekends are only days when I am able to walk ~10-11k steps. I had a blood test and stress ECG done 3 months back and all tests were normal except some triglycerides and HbA1c of 6.3 (Fasting and PP normal). I am under medication – Amovas M 5/50 and Aravast 10 since last 3 years. Doctor said I would need to lose weight and bring my HbA1c down to 6 if I wanted to avoid metformin in the longer run. I lost 3 kgs but gained back owing to excess travel due to work. I was trying to climb a wall one day as part of my exercise and I guess I hit the area below my knee. It did not feel much painful at first but post 3 weeks I had pains in the leg and was advised Inflagesic plus (alecofenac, serratiopeptaise, and paracetamol), for 10 days – 2 tabs a day. I check my BP regularly using a Omron machine which shows my BPM as well. It showed a BPM of 58 the last time I checked. I have been travelling since and my apple watch shows a BPM of 53-55 when I am working at desk. When I move, this becomes 70-90 (while walking) and at times 102 (when I climb stairs). I got off inflagesic yesterday and the resting BPM is still below 60.BTW: I take jamun or karela juice every morning so keep sugar levels under control, and himalaya neem tablets during the day (as told by an ayurveda doc).Is the BPM condition normal for me or there is an issue?

Symptoms: 53-55 BPM,