Is a expired implanon still an effective form of birth control?

Patient: I’ve had my implanon in for 3 yrs. My exp date was for Feb 22,2014. I haven’t gotten it removed yet n I’ve been having unprotected sex the past 3 weeks. Is my birth control still effective? could I be pregnant?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.The manufacturer gives guarantee for a period of 36 months in providing effective contracepti on from the date of insertion of implanon. However studies have shown that it is effective even after 3 years in providing contraception. As it may not provide effective contraception it either needs to get replaced or alternative mode of contraception need to be opted for. It is always advisable to use effective mode of contraception and prevent an unwanted pregnancy than to opt for an abortion.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Guest: Hi, I have had the implanon in my arm for about a year and a half. I took three pregnancy tests the first was neg then the following two were a strong positive. what do I do now? go get the implanon removed asap? PLEASE HELP!! thank you

Guest: I have recently been on my period and came off for 1 day (hadn’t bled all day) so I presumed I had some off came home and had intercourse with my partner to find that I had bled a little after. Now this doesn’t happen alot i would say a couple of times and it was only when I’d just come off or I would think I’m off because I haven’t bled all day. Would it be I haven’t fully come off my period yet because in worried about all the feedback I’ve seen about it being cancer or a sti/std because I wouldn’t know how to ask for a appointment to ask to be checked?