Is a tetanus shot considered an antibiotic I took one

Patient: Is a tetanus shot considered an antibiotic. I took one approximately 11 days before having sex. I am on birth control and didn’t use any other two of contraceptive. Should I be concerned?

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here for your help.Tetanus vaccine has no relation in making your birth con trol a failure. Tetanus is not considered as antibiotic.If you are on birth control, then tetanus is not going to effect it any way and getting you pregnant. However, in case even if you get pregnant, tetanus vaccine has no relationship with it. In fact, to bring it best to your knowledge, any birth control method doesn’t give you 100% guarantee of birth control.In case you miss your periods, get a urine pregnancy test done after 10 days of missing the periods for the conformation of pregnancy.See your doctor and share my opinion with him/her.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy