Is a VBAC possible in my case?

Patient: Hello! I had my daughter 18 months ago and am trying to get pregnant again. Due to an overdose of pitocin from the nurse, my placenta abrupted and resulted in an emergency c-section. I really want to have a vaginal birth this time since I didn’t have the chance last time. Is this a safe option for me? I know Vbac’s happen all the time, but is it much riskier because of the abruption? Thank you so much for your time, I REALLY appreciate it! ( I had a low transverse incision)

Doctor: This is a great question.  Generally, most women hope to have a vaginal birth for their pregnancies.  Overall, evidence e shows that for generally healthy moms and babies, natural birth is definitely preferred over C-sections.  As you are aware in certain situations like placental rupture C-sections are a safer option for mother and baby.  In your situation where your first pregnancy ended up in a C-section does not make you a candidate automatically for a  C-section for the second pregnancy. The key element is if you are otherwise a healthy individual a vaginal birth is definately the first choice with a much lower risk and a quicker recovery.  In certain situations medical interventions at the disgression of the medical team may be necessary (i.e C-section).  However, it is very important to bring these questions up with your health care provider.  Also another thing I also recommend is patients should sit down with their partner and write down all the pros and cons for vaginal births and C-section births.  This will make your decision easier.   Good luck!