Is “Silk cotton” mattresses are good for s

Patient: Is “Silk cotton” mattresses are good for spine? I prefer them over foam, latex due to cotton being natural.

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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Yes, silk mattresses are good for spi ne, you just need to ensure you buy from a good quality mattress company.Foam mattresses are good too, however they are not as durable as cotton over the longer run. And some people just can’t adjust to foam mattresses and do complain of considerable pain and discomfort. So your analysis is right. As long as you buy a good brand cotton mattress, you should be fine.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: I read the mattress can b soft, medium firm and firm. Is it applicable to silk cotton mattress? Or is it always of same rigidity? Medium firm silk cotton mattresses available in India? Other types like foam, latex hav layers. Can I buy a silk cotton layered one also? How good is coir compared to silk cotton? Also kindly share the chemical exposures and consequences in all these.

Doctor: Hello,
No cotton mattresses are mostly single layered. But they are pretty comfortable to sleep in, so you won’t face any problems. Coir is also good, comparatively people with back problems can go for either.
The chemical exposure is nil, and it does not cause any such allergies or hypersensitivity.

Patient: Thank u. The nil chemical exposure u r referrin in cotton or coir also? Also I find cotton is not available in queen size as in coir or other material. So if coir is good, i can go for that too. Coir is also free of hazardous chemicals? Its also as good as silk cotton? Any disadvantage compared to silk cotton?

Doctor: Hello,
Yes, in both cases, there is nil chemical exposure.
Coir is as good as silk.
You can buy either based on your choice.