Is an eight mm polyp in my uterus to be worried about?

Patient: Hello doctor, I am 28 years old and I am having trouble in conceiving for almost one year and a half, due to a blocked fallopian tube and a 8mm polyp in my uterus. I am worried about getting pregnant but I am more worried now because of this polyp. My doctor said that i don’t need to remove it because it is too tiny but I need a second opinion. Can you please tell me what would you do if you were my doctor?

Doctor: Polyps are caused when there is an abnormal growth in the wall lining the uterus. In most of the cases these polyps are benign with only 1 % chance for it to be malignant. The treatment of polyps depends on their size, location and if they are causing any symptoms ( excessive bleeding or infertility due to the polyp being close to the fallopian tube).In your case the polyp appears to be small, and if it is not causing any symptoms or blocking the fallopian tube, can be left alone. Most of the small polyps regress on their own and no treatment is required.