Is concieving possible after ovarian drilling?

Patient: Hi, I was diagnosed with PCOS as well as uterine fibroid of 4 cm, which is lateral and I underwent ovarian drilling on April 30, 2011, but yet I have not had my period. I am not pregnant. I am trying to conceive. I would like to know if I will get pregnant with uterine fibroid present and after how many days of ovarian drilling will my periods become regular. Please do answer.

Doctor: Yes, you still have a chance to conceive, about 40-50%. A 4 cm fibroid rarely interferes with pregnancy, if at all; an 8 cm fibroid is usually an indication for it to be removed. As to when you will be ahving regular periods, you should ask your doctor about it because it may also depend on the extent of the surgical procedure that was done. I hope this helps.