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Is Cums to fast normal when having sex?

Patient: When my boyfriend and I have sex he usually “cums” really fast. And depending on how many times we have sex in the day, he “cums” fast like in the first 5 mins. Is there something wrong with him or is that normal?




Doctor: Thank you for your question. This is a very common concern many men experience, and often can be remedied without any me dical intervention. We recommend that you employ the ‘start and stop’ technique with your boyfriend to see if this will help. When having intercourse with him you can stop and take a break if he feels like he is about to ejaculate. This will prolong your experience with him as well as afford him the opportunity to increase his ability to engage in intercourse with you for a longer time. If this problem persists, then we suggest he see a doctor to determine whether his issue is due to a medically treatable problem.Thank you for choosing


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