Is Diabetes Reversible?

Patient: Is it possible for someone who is insulin dependant with regular high blood sugars to convert to low blood sugars or normal blood sugars with out using insulin. they have been an insulin dependent diabetic for over 5 years. so in other words is it possible that the body has corrected itself and is now producing enough insulin to keep the blood sugars normal?

Doctor: There are three main types of Diabetes; Type 1, type 2, and gestational.Type 1 diabetics produce little or no insulin from their pancreas because their own body’s immune system has attacked the beta cells of their pancreas making it impossible for them to produce insulin.Type 2 diabetics are able to produce insulin but the cells of their fat and muscle tissue do not use the insulin properly. over time, the pancrease produces increased amounts of insulin to compensate but eventually may loose the ability to meet the increased demand.Gestational Diabetes develops during late stages of pregnancy. It is believed to be caused by hormones of pregnancy and revereses once the child is delivered.You do not state the age of the patient or the type of diabetes he or she has but for type 1 diabetics, the situation you describe is not possible because their pancreas has been destroyed. In type 2 diabetics, this may be possible if the individual went through major lifestyle changes that included reducing their weight, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.I hope this helps