Is Drinking Soda Related to Pancreatic Cancer?

Patient: My son of 20 yrs. is not addicted to cold drinks per se, but when he watches football matches he consumes around 1.25 litres coke during the two hour duration. This worries me, is this okay, though he doesn’t listen to me when I tell him about the harmful effects.

Doctor: A recent study published found that drinking as little as two soft drinks a week appears to nearly double the risk of ge tting pancreatic cancer. All study participants were asked about food intake, including sodas and juices, not specifically about diet soda consumption, but that most of the soda drunk was regular or sweetened. No link was found between juices and pancreatic cancer risk. The study had several weaknesses but it is believed the sugar in the soft drinks increases the insulin level in the body, which may contribute to pancreatic cancer cell growth. That increase in insulin is what may lead to the development of the cancer. Therefore it may be beneficial for your son to switch from a regular to a diet soda or fruit juice instead, if consuming large quantities.