Is it a urinary tract infection

Patient: Hi am 27 year old femal. got married 6 months back. From yesturday night, am having pain while urinating and lower abdominal pain while moving suddenly, laughing, coughing etc. My urine is normal, no foul spell or color. My stool is normal. All other activities are normal. After urinating am not able to stand straight because of the pain in my abdomen and one more thing, there is no burning sesation. Its pain which am not able to explain, hwz it like. Please help me. I dont gave periods now, i never had any gynic issues. Please suggest me

Symptoms: Pain while urinating and while having sudden movements in lower abdmone

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Urinary tract infections can present with some atypical symptoms in certain patients. It is indeed possible that you may be suffering form a bacterial bladder infection which causing your symptoms. We recommend that you promptly go to your doctor to have your abdominal pain examined and have a urine test performed. You will likely need to be prescribed antibiotics once more to treat this persistent infection.Thank you for consulting