Is it a UTI?

Patient: A little over a week ago, I started to not be able to urinate like normal. It used to come out in one steady stream that would give me that “ahhhhh” feeling; but i not longer get that. It now comes as a tiny stream that I sometimes have to look down to realize that something is actually coming out. It takes much concentration for this to occur, and sometimes I have to stop and start again; or come back in a few minutes and try again like I had to do this morning. I know its probably UTI, but I have no pain. Please help.

Doctor: You state in your submission that you are a young healthy female. In this age group, the most frequent cause of your sym ptoms is a urinary tract infection.I suggest you visit your doctor. A simple urine dip will allow the doctor to determine within seconds if it is likely an infection or not.  The urine dip performed by your doctor looks for specific markers that may indicate a urinary tract infection such as blood, leukocytes, and nitrates.  Pain is not necessary to have an infection.Once the test is performed, treatment is usually initiated immediately.