Is it acne? Or what is it?

Patient: Hi,I have had acne for the last 4 years. First it started with a big pimple, then it became two, three, then it started moving somewhere else and now it is slowly getting all my face. I tried different things but none of them seem to work in a long term (dermatologists, gynecaeologists, diets).Do you have a suggestion on how I can treat this phenomenon and what could the cause be?

Symptoms: I have red dots spreading all over my face almost and just before I get my period they get rougher.

Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATD.To completely clear acne over the face, you may need treatment for 4-6 mon ths. So you should have patience.Acne is hormone-dependent disease. It is also very common to have new pimples or increase in size just before the periods. My advice is to take treatment for a full term from a Dermatologist. You may require oral Isotretinoin capsules. Use a salycylic acid face cleanser daily.Hope it helped you