Is it advisable to wear waist trimming belts during workout sessions?

Patient: Hi! I regularly exercise at my local gym 3x a week and I noticed that some people use waist trimming belts while working out. My regimen includes cardio (jogging, aerobics) and strength training. Though I am at my best weight, my new goal is to lose 3 inches off my waist. I’ve read online reviews that it’s effective but I just worry if it’s healthy in the long run. Is it advisable that I use such a belt to achieve my new goal and still go about it in a healthy way?

Doctor: Yes, you can wear a trimming belt during your workouts; this will give you for sure an extra support to your spine.  Bu But be aware that these waist cinchers are often made of neoprene (wetsuit material) or some insulator, trapping heat around the midsection and inducing sweat. Some are advertised for wear under normal clothing, others as an addition to your exercise wear for extra boost to the fat-burning power of your workout. But the truth is that you may lose inches off your waist, but that is simply due to the dehydration of your tissues, that you will regain as soon as you drink a few glasses of water or eat a meal, and the inches and pounds come right back. These belts may increase blood circulation to the area, and therefore metabolism, which can contribute to weight loss, but if you’re looking for instant shrinkage, you’re going to be disappointed.