Is it asthma attack or anxiety attack

Patient: Does anxiety cause asthma or asthma attack cause anxiety? on 1-17-15 he had an asthma attack with me , I gave him his inhaler he was fineafter that , on 1-19-15 at 12:30 I had attraction with the therapist, the child was picked up by his mom and went to chuck e and he had funat 7:37 pm he was watching TV and he had severe asthma attack, he could not speak , or breathe, 911 was called ,during that time he used his inhaler ,when they arrived at 7: 44 he was doing better . Mom She is saying it was anxiety because she denies he has asthma , while he was diagnosed with asthma on 12-30-14 by top asthma specialist

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, can’t speak