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Is it CUSHING’S syndrome?

Patient: Is it cushing’s Syndrome ? or some thing else ?



Symptoms: My name is Akash More. I am a boy of 18 yrs. And I weigh about 100 kilos…
I want to ask about series of symptoms…
I was an asthma patient from the age of 6 yrs (took many meds)..
I was very slim, not more than 25 kilos till 9 yrs of age…
I was about 10 years of age when I gained weight about 60 kilos within a couple of months…
When I was 11, I suffered from H.S. purpura, and cured in a month, and red stretch marks began after a few months from treatment….
I also grew buffalo hump i.e. a big chunk of body mass around the back of my neck…
I also started to feel depressed around 12 yrs of age.. (This may/may not be related due to family frustration)
Now in the present I have somewhat easy bruising (couldn’t really tell because it took longer time to heal some bruises that happened in n day to day life), buffalo hump, stretch marks around the stomach but they are not red.
I could really use some help here..





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