Is it early menopause or depression and heartburn and irregular periods.

Patient: Hi there. When I started my periods they were never regular. They were really heavy for sometimes up to 8 weeks and then I wouldnt have a single one for 9 months. Over the past 3 years I have been on a pill to regulate them. The one I am on now has been the only one that has really contolled them. I went on holiday and forgot to take them with me. I was going to wait to see if I came on then start them again a week later. However I havn’t been on now for nearly a month. I have got several other problems as well. I have IBS and am on anti depressants. I get very stressed very easily and get headaches regulary. I also get hot flushes (mostly at night) which make me feel sick. I also get very bad acid reflux heartburn which noone can tell me why. I dont eat fried food, I dont drink or smoke, I eat early and have at least 3 hours after eating before bed, I dont drink tea or coffee. All my GP has said is its all down to stress. I’m only 20 and was reading an article recently about early menopause. all of these symptoms seem to tally up. Could it just be stress or could it be something more serious?

Doctor: I think it is too premature to call your symptoms due to early menopause. Certainly stress in a major factor in a delaye d period and symptoms of reflux. However you could tests for hormonal levels to confirm early menopause. You could also get  your thyroid levels checked to rule out a thyroid disorder.