Is it Folliculitis/Acne? How do I treat it?

Patient: I have been told I have Folliculitis and have been given Dermol Cream. Is it worth using or should I use Zineryt or something else? Also I have already Folliculitis for 5 days so how long will it last? How do you tell if it’s Acne or Folliculitis?

Symptoms: Red spots, Slightly Itchy,

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.Dermol cream contains potent steroid meant for eczema, psoriasis like conditions.If you have been correctly diagnosed as folliculitis which is characterised by bacterial infection of the skin involving the hair follicle, then I prefer to advise topical antibiotic cream like mupirocin 2 percent in such cases.if needed, oral antibiotics like cloxacillin is given.Acne is caused by Propionibacterium acne involving pilosebaceous glands.Acne presents as papules, pustules, comedones, cysts usually limited to face, upper chest and back.I hope I am able to solve your query.Do not take any medicine without your doctor’s prescription.I hope it helps.Take care