Is it just a zit, or a coldsore?

Patient: A few days ago I noticed a white bump on my bottom lip, and the only reason I even noticed it is because it hurt when I bot down on my lip, almost as if it were a cut. It has not grown in size, and if anything looks like a piece of dead skin now. My lips are also very chapped. On another note, I noticed two days ago that I have one small single bump at the corner of my mouth. It does not itch and is barely noticeable, it only sting whenever I stretch my mouth, or dwell on the thought of it. It is raised and white in the center, no fluids however. The skin around my lips is not red or swollen, and I’ve also never suffered from a cold sore below. The last person I kissed was almost two months ago, and it was a merely a tap–no sore was present either. I just want to put my mind at ease and get some feedback.

Symptoms: No symptoms