Is it my ovarian cyst or Implantation bleeding?!?

Patient: I recently found out that i had a cyst on my right ovary just a little over 2 months after having a stillbirth . well 0ct 17 i had my period and then on november 9th i experienced a pink bloody disharge and the discharged looked stretchy just like ovulation dishcharge and it lasted that day . on the 10 it was slight pink and went away now its the 15th and i havent had my period ?! im not sure if its the cyst thats causeing all of this or if its implantation bleedding or what ? i took 2 pregnacy test and it came out negative. Please help me thanks

Symptoms: Pain in back , cramping in my right side of stomach , slight dizziness , and had a tingle sensation in my hands , breast are slightly tender