Is it normal to have a lot of pain during pregnancy?

Patient: I’m 32 weeks pregnant with my first child, I’m not having contractions but I am having a lot of soreness and cramping. There is also a reaccuring pain in my groin area and my lower back. There is also some pain in my lower belly where i can feel the babys head moving. Is this normal?

Symptoms: Sharp pain in lower back and groin, stomach soreness and cramping

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting .It has to be understood during the ongoing pregnancy that with increa sing size of uterus and growing weight of baby, the center of gravity of the woman shifts anteriorly and to maintain the balance and prevent from falling the lady has to undertake a constant lordotic posture which causes strain over the lumbar spine and hence the lower back ache . This is commonly reasoned to be associated with posture unless a urinary infection is co-existing which causes a similar pain and soreness.Also with the growing uterus it presses over the epigastric region and inadvertently causes increased dyspepsia and indigestion giving increased eructations and gastritis which may mimic soreness and abdominal cramps. These can be confused with Braxton -Hicks contractions of the uterus which are commonly appreciated by 34th week of pregnancy onwards.The pain in the groin region is probably because of the round ligament stretching due to enlarged uterus.So , on the whole if there is no uterine contraction or if the uterus is not persistently hard in feel ( as in abruptio placentae)or there are no decreased fetal movements with pain and any sort of bleeding or leakage per vaginum , there is usually no cause of alarm and such symptoms can be attributed to normal pregnancy at 32-34 weeks.In case the pain and discomfort is persistent, you should consider visiting your treating physician for evaluation of maternal and fetal well being without hesitation.I hope i have been able to answer your queries in detail.Wishing you a safe pregnancy.Regards