Is it okay for a child to walk 25 miles flat hike with me?

Patient: My 8 year old who is athletic, is interested in a participating in a 25 mile (flat) hike with me. Is it safe to allow such distances at this age? She regularly completes 7-10 without a hitch. There will also be “outs” along the way if needed, I am just concerned if it is a bad idea for her long term physical development. Thank you.

Symptoms: Child athletics

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It should not be an issue as long as she does not get severely injured during the walk. Also, I recommend that you push her beyond her capability.Take the walk lightly and just aim to rest more than you walk. It should not hamper her health as long as she is eating well and maintaining a good diet.Wishing you the best for your hike.