Is it okay to travel by plane during pregnancy?

Patient: Dear ask the doctor: My name is Tai and I had a question about travel and pregnancy. My wife will be in her 25th week on our intended date of travel. I am planning a trip to a mountainous area. The area is around 8100 feet and the roads in the area are not that good. My questions is regarding the flight and the road. Is it safe for her to be on a plane in her 25th week and once we have reached out destination we will be driving to sights so is safe if the roads are a little bumpy. Please respond.

Doctor: Travelling is not harmful per se but stress during travel can cause pre-term labor. In general, air travel is not recomm ended after 36 weeks. Before that, it is still okay unless her pregnancy has complications or guarded. What did you mean by 8100 feet? I just want to be sure, is it 8100 feet above sea level? It is known that areas with high altitude have lower oxygen tension, and may cause hypoxemia. If you both really want to go, make sure she gets checked and it is okay with her OB Gyn right before travelling. Personally, I would say postpone your trip. I do hope I have answered your question and take care always.