Is it possible I could be pregnant?

Patient: About 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had sex three times without a condom (we used the withdrawal method). I actually had to go to the doctor the same day that we had sex because I had an appointment for a pap test to get on birth control. The doctor said that that day and the next would be my most fertile days of my cycle. A week later we did it again and the next day I had a few drops of blood in my underwear. I also was EXTREMELY fatigued for about a week after. My nipples and breasts have been sore for about 4-5 days now and my period is not due for another 7 days. I have been having to pee a little bit more it seems like. Such as during the night/morning before I am awake for good it seems like I just have to pee bad. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? Are these symptoms of pregnancy already?

Doctor: I understand your worry about possible pregnancy.  If you had unprotected sex on your ovulation days, there is a possibi ility that you might be pregnant. The method that you are using is one of the least effective.The spotting that you noticed, might have been caused by implantation bleeding or it could also be the announcement that your menses are about to happen. Certainly if you have other symptoms that are related to pregnancy such as nausea and breast soreness, let me tell you that these could happen as early as 2 weeks after conception.The only way to rule out pregnancy is by taking a home pregnancy test; it would give better results after a week of your menses due date and also use the first urine of the day. You might also want to confirm it after with a blood pregnancy test done by your health care provider. I wish you the best.