Is it possible I have an STD or infection?

Patient: Hello, for a while I was experiencing an itchy urethra, and a burning sensation when I would urinate.However, a couple months later, I am not experiencing either symptom, or anything out of the ordinary.I was heavily masturbating, and I wasn’t sure if that was causing my urethra to be sensitive, or if I had an infection of some sort.I’m unemployed and don’t have insurance, so this is my last resort.Please help.

Symptoms: Itchy Urethra, Burning sensation when urinating

Doctor: Since you are not experiencing any symptoms now, I wonder what you are concerned about. As you rightly guessed, similar features are observed in infections, including STIs (sexually transmitted infections ). If you happened to expose yourself to any unprotected intercourse that you are worried about, or if your problems recur, visiting a doctor will be absolutely necessary for testing and treatment.