Is it possible to get pregnant?

Patient: Is it possible to get pregnant if you didn’t have your period the previous month? My last period was in December but i didn’t get one in January. I slept with someone this month (February 2nd)

Symptoms: Constipation, getting tired sooner, headaches

Doctor: Hello ,Thanks for the query.It is suggested that if you have missed you periods since December already then a urine pregnancy test should have been done to rule out pregnancy ideally before a sexual encounter on February 2nd. However, if you were not sexually active earlier, then you may opt for a serum beta hcg test to confirm or rule out pregnancy now.In the absence of pregnancy, stress-induced hormonal imbalances can actually cause a delay in menses, which have to be evaluated and treated accordingly considering the endometrial thickness and if required offering a withdrawal bleed with progestins. I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,Regards