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Is it possible to have painless sex with Phimosis ?

Patient: I believe I am suffering from a severe case of Phimosis i.e. I cannot retract my foreskin over my glans at all either in flaccid or erect state. It is a painless case of Phimosis and I have never had any trouble in passing urine or masturbating , however, I am afraid that sex could be painful since the foreskin could be forced back during penetration which may cause pain.My question is, that is it possible to have painless sex with phimosis with or without condom ? Do I need to get it treated since mine is a painless condition ?




Symptoms: Non-retractability of foreskin in either flaccid or erect state.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The narrowing of the foreskin which is observed in phimosis can worsen over time, making it difficult to fully retract the foreskin. Even though you are not experiencing pain at the moment you are at risk of a painful occurrence where the foreskin retracts over the glans penis obstructing the circulation to it. This can indeed easily occur during sexual intercourse. We strongly recommend that you follow up with your doctor to have this examined. Treatment options include applying corticosteroids topically to loosen the tightened foreskin. However, given the severity of your phimosis the best possible treatment will likely be circumcision, which is surgical removal of the foreskin.Thank you for consulting


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